Canadian Politics

Canada’s political system can seem extremely confusing for millions, even for those who reside in the country and have done so for their entire lives. It isn’t hard to see why politics is a confusing subject for most as it’s a tricky area to say the least. However, the political world can be far easier to understand and follow if you know a few things about the Canadian political world. For those who want to learn a little more,read here. it would be wise to get to grips with the political parties in Canada. This is the best place to begin with for those interested in Canadian politics.

The Political Parties of Canada

There are several main political parties in Canada including the Conservatives and the Liberal Parties. The idea behind the conservatives remains quite simple: they want a more conservative government and governing rule. In a sense, the Conservatives are on the right-wing field; they are for liberty and love the idea of market economy too. The Liberal Party is slightly different. Liberal Party members love the idea of being liberal within the country and love social liberalism as well. They are the opposition in the political system for the Conservatives and considered slightly a left-wing party in a sense.

Canadian Politics

The Democracy Parties

There are also several democratic political parties in Canada which are the New Democratic Party and the Bloc Quebecois. The Bloc Quebecois promotes the ideas of social democracy and want Quebec sovereignty. This has become quite a contentious issue amongst many Quebec citizens and it’s easy to see why. They want the right to govern Quebec without Canadian rule which is quite common in this vastly changing world. Social nationalism is high on their agenda but they only allow candidates to be nominated in Quebec only. They are considered left-wing. However, the New Democratic Party is looked upon as the progressive party in Canada. They promote the ideas of social democracy and socialism and are gaining popularity as well.

The Green Party

In Canada, there is also the Green Party. This party really does promote the ideas of green politics and while the popularity of this party is considered small, they have vast numbers of those following their progress. The Green Party is certainly one which is climbing the political world in Canada and you never know where this party could be in a matter of a few years.

The Canadian Political World

Like many other countries, such as the UK, America and most European countries, there is constant change in power. There are times when one group gain more popularity in one general election than another and the truth is time change. Some people in the country don’t always follow one group in particular and want to opt for the government or party who offers the most potential for them and their families. Canada’s political world changes rapidly as each new election comes around which might not always be a bad thing if it means positive change. The Canadian politics are going to interest and excite many enthusiasts and there is so much to learn.For more details you can read our post