Rise of Fascism in North America

Does fascism really exist in North America? It would be wonderful to say this was the continent that was flawless but unfortunately nothing is perfect. North America has seen its far share of fascism throughout the centuries and it truly is shocking. Fascism didn’t spare any nation and, despite what many believe, it has been around for hundreds of years. You have to remember that there are many forms of fascism and you might be shocked to learn of it. However, how did fascism rise in North America and was it just because of wartime?

Examples Are So Easy In the North Americas

Fascism has been around for a very long time, well before it has an official name. In North America, there was discrimination because of the color of a person’s skin and because of simple differences in religion and ethnicity. For instance, there was segregation between African-Americans and Caucasian citizens. If you weren’t white you couldn’t sit at the same table in a café and couldn’t attend the same schools. The movement against African-Americans, the despicable KKK, was allowed to attack and rally against non-white people in the US for many years. This group hated beyond belief, people, who weren’t like them; who weren’t white in their skin color and those who were against segregation. That was fascism even though it wasn’t called that but it was racist and fascism at it’s worse. What happened to millions of innocent people while the world stood back and allowed it to happen was disgusting.


Rise of Fascism in North AmericaNative Americans Were Discriminated Against

It wasn’t just in the ‘40s, ‘60s or even the ‘90s, however, when fascism in the North Americas was rife. Long before the outbreak of WW2 and even the civil war, there are millions of Native Americans who were slaughtered and discriminated against. When the first settlers and those who followed, arrived in North America, the Native People were effectively disliked because the settlers believed they were savages and unequal to them. It is shown throughout history what happened and yet people only focus on the so-called ‘heroes’ such as the famed General who tried to stamp out the native tribes. How could that have been right when it was their homes that were destroyed by the settlers? Most don’t look upon this as fascism or wrong and yet it was wholly wrong. It was basically fascism in its earliest form as the Native Americans had the great right to live and to not have their homes destroyed.

Modern Fascism

Fascism has really had roots in the North Americas for hundreds of years and, indeed, in many countries throughout the world. Yet, it wasn’t really until the rise of Adolf Hitler when it was given its name. In truth, there has been no escape from fascism even in America and Canada.For more details about Canada politics read here. North America has seen the horrors of fascism and, even in today’s world, it still exists. Many try to believe it doesn’t but it does and you can’t escape it no matter where you live or what you believe in. It’s easy to find it; for example, with troubles in the Middle East, many migrants are flocking to the US and Canada and, for many, they absolutely dislike this idea. Whether right or wrong, people discriminate against others because of their religion or ethnicity and still very little have changed in the eighty years since the horrors of WW2.

Escaping Fascism in its Entirety

After the Second World War, most of the world believed fascism would end and that people throughout Europe and indeed the world would be able to rebuild their lives without it. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case. While fascism doesn’t always present itself as it did during WW2, it still is around today. However, more must be done to combat it and keep it away otherwise there will be further conflicts in years to come. Generations down the line will see the rise of fascism and going through wars such as WW2 is really one horror future generations must be spared. Too much hate brings the world to its knees.For more details read here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fascism_in_North_America